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ABOVE BELOW & BEYOND SOLUTIONS LTD - Coordinates and performs any and all tasks related to a clients project with Calgary Mold Removal,  Inspection, Testing, Remediation, you know that we will do it right the first time and within the price we provide, not like other contractors that will say anything just to get there foot in the door. When taking a look at our list of services you will be able to see that we have something to fit all your needs, in this we promise to bring the best quality with fair prices beating out our competitors.

With so many aspects of Hazardous Materials, you can rest assured that we have you covered from your Inspection all the way to a safe and clean home. Most times when approaching a problem such as mold, the feelings of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and panic set in. This is where our company can guide you and give you the knowledge to ensure you take the right steps to resolve any problem you may have.  For most people the majority of their time is spent in either their home or office, so for peace of mind and a healthy environment the issue of a hazardous material should be dealt with promptly and effectively.

We feel that our clients should be well informed of our process and what would entail on a remediation project.  On our home page you will be able to read a brief overview of what each step has to offer and what you can expect. Because there is nothing worse than going and spending your hard earned money and not knowing what exactly you are  getting. You can also take a look at our FAQ section or even contact us by e-mail or by phone and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

There are four basic steps when dealing with the issue of mold remediation; Discovery, Assessment, Remediation and Prevention. Below are descriptions of each process to help you make the best decision possible.

Mold Discovery

Molds are a common part of our environment; nature uses molds to break down dead organic matter, however with the discovery of a mold problem in a confined area such as your home or office action should be taken within 24 to 48 hours to prevent more extensive problems.  The onset of mold growth is usually due to a moisture problem whether that is a leaky pipe or poorly sealed exterior. If you find you have a moisture problem or high humidity in your home or office you can take the necessary steps and possibly prevent the growth of mold in your home or office altogether, saving yourself thousands of dollars. Another way you might realize you have a problem is by exhibiting health symptoms commonly associated with an infected indoor environment.


Energy Drain

Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash

Irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs



For more detailed information consult a health professional.  Or you can visit Calgary Regional Health’s Website or by calling CRH hotline at 403-943-link


At this stage you should call us so that we may make an assessment on the problem and give you a solution.  In a preliminary investigation we will not charge you, however should it be to be necessary to do a more in depth assessment we will inform you of the costs prior to proceeding.  You can contact us by phone 403-457-0530 or by email




Assessments can be done in a variety of ways such as visual inspection, thermal imaging, and lab testing.  In most cases all that is needed is a simple visual inspection to discover if a mold problem exists making it unnecessary to perform expensive tests.  Also during an investigation we will seek to find out what the original led to the mold growth, by doing so we can give you a fair estimate on what it will cost to have repairs done as well as the mold remediation.  Since in some cases the full extent of the damage cannot be determined until the removal of building material, therefore we will always keep you well informed if any changes need to be done to our original remediation solution.




 (1) Finding the source or sources of contamination,                                         

 (2) Testing,

 (3) Sealing to eliminate continued leaks or growth,

 (4) Containment to prevent spread of spores,

 (5) Removal and proper disposal of walls or ceilings,

 (6) Cleaning of building components,

 (7) Using applicable chemicals at correct dose, concentration and application,

 (8) Allow drying time,

 (9) Application of secondary chemicals,

(10) Final test.

(11) Repetition of previous steps if unsuccessful however this is rarely done 


During the remediation process it may be necessary to have the occupants leave the premises for safety concerns; if this is the case we will work to ensure that the process is the least disruptive as possible.




Prior to leaving any project we will inspect to make sure that future problems will be prevented, if we do find something to be of concern we will inform our client so that any necessary steps may be taken.  We are also available to make assessments prior to the onset of major problems so that expense of repairs and remediation will not be necessary in the future.


Steps To Prevent Mold Issues


Ensuring proper seal from exterior to interior

Keeping a low humidity level of 30%-50%

Fixing any present leaks

Proper building construction

Basic cleaning & building maintenance

Ground Slopes should slope away from the building foundation

Ensure Drain Lines are unobstructed

Repair and Clean Roof gutters singling regularly

Keep air conditioning drip pans clean

Look out for Condensation collection on windows, walls or pipes and call ASAP.


Most Importantly ACT QUICKLY if you notice any problems


“Building relationships with you and your home”



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